Horrific (The Doktor's deck, First Edition) (2004) Laughing Pan Productions

20 USD / In stock.
2 decks are required to play.  This is ONE.

A character-based strategy card game of sneaking suspicion and oblique moves. Explore open-ended strategies, master your plans, and outwit your opponent.

- Modeled after Classic Horror, where the suspense is real.

- There are six decks in the first set: Déla - the gypsy with secret designs, The Doktor - purveyor of undead perfection, Huati - the political bokkor with his own slander squad, Lord of Bones - the skeleton master, Maal - who wields more and more power, and Vladimir - just your everyday suave vampire.

- New and unusual mechanics, designed to evoke the atmosphere of suspenseful horror.

- Every single move made, even discarding, affects everything else that happens in the game. No move is a throwaway.

- Each deck is truly unique - even the Victory Conditions are different for the individual characters.