Pirates Collectible Minatures Game

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Pirates of the Spanish Main is the world’s first constructible strategy game. In Pirates of the Spanish Main, players make fleets of ships to sail to different islands looking for treasure. This booty is obtained in one of two ways: commanding your salty dogs to dig it out of the ground or sending your opponent’s ships to Davy Jones’ locker! Either way, game play is fast and fun, and the built-in damage tracking system makes Pirates of the Spanish Main the game of choice of wannabe-buccaneers everywhere. (From the official press release)

Pirates of the Spanish Main includes numerous different collectible pieces, including ships, crew, treasure, and famous (and infamous!) personalities. It sells in booster packs that include all materials required for play ("A game in every pack"), which typically consists of two ships, an island, crew, treasure, a small six-sided die, and complete rules for play.

WizKids officially renamed the entire product line "Pirates of the Cursed Seas Pocketmodel Game" in 2008.

Jump aboard great vessels like the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl and set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Captain Barbossa in a fight to claim the most treasure!

- The only game to offer constructible Pirates of the Caribbean ships in a family-fun game
- Content from all three of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies in one collectible game
- A must-have for Pirates of the Caribbean fans of all ages

Although marketed (and playable) as a stand-alone game, this expansion set is 100% compatible with Pirates of the Spanish Main .