QUEST CARDS Game Set 2 "The Adventure Never Ends" Fuller Flippers (2005)

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GAME SET 2 "The Adventure Never Ends"
99 Cards, 8 tokens, 100 sleeves + rules included

From the Publisher:

The goal of Quest Cards is to conquer the challenges of a thrilling quest and complete a daring mission while developing skills and collecting magical items.

This dynamic adventure game involves luck, memory, and strategy.

- Over 60 customizable characters with unique skills and special abilities 
- An endless array of magic items, monsters, creatures, traps & hazards 
- Solitaire, multi-player, free-for-all, team, competing or cooperative play

Each Quest Cards Game contains over 90 new cards featuring 16 characters, 8 skills, 40 magic items, and 2 huge game board adventures. 
For 1 to 8 players, ages 10 and up; approximate game time is 40 minutes.


MINT in Original Package.