RAGE Across Las Vegas -- White Wolf -- Children of Gaia Starter Deck

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One Starter for Rage (1st Edition).

Publisher Blurb
These are the last days. Gaia is dying. The Apocalypse is here.

Will you fall defending her or die a cowards death? Will your pack live in legend as the ones who saved the world, or those who betrayed it?

Is today a good day to die?

Take control of a pack of Garou, savage werewolves, as they battle the forces of the Wyrm in defense of Mother Earth, Gaia.

Call upon ancient spirit pacts, mystical abilities, and the tools of the modern world to destroy the forces of corruption that threaton to plunge the world into eternal darkness and decay.

But not every Garou agrees how best to save Gaia. Is it best done through force? Through renewing the traditions and spirit pacts of old? Through mystical means? Or should the Garou just adapt to the new age and help Gaia change to fit into the new world?

Or sell out and play a pack of Wyrm creatures hell bent on seeing that the Wyrm is the final victor in the coming Apocalypse.

But not even the forces of the Wyrm can agree on their methods. Should they concentrate on corrupting humans and Garou to do the Wyrm's bidding? Should they fight the Garou claw to claw? Or should they win the war by destroying every last thing the Garou love and cherish?

Each player has two decks. One deck is his "Sept" hand. This is composed of allies, equipment, fetishes, events, victims, gifts, quests, and several other card types depending on which expansions you are using. The other deck is a combat deck showing special maneuvers which are used when two characters are engaged in combat.