Santa Guise X-mas Promo SOTM Gencon

30 USD / In stock.
This listing is for a copy of the 2015 Holiday Promo Pack for the awesome game Sentinels of the Multiverse. These are super RARE and hard to come by so get them while they still exist!  MINT IN PACKAGE. NEW!

SOTM Santa Guise Promo Pack Only.  GENCON Release. Requires SOTM Base set to play.
  • Alias: Joseph King, Kris Kringle (Not Really)
  • First Appearance: The Banana Game # 1
  • Variant: Originally released during the 2015 Holiday Season

Santa Guise is coming to town! He's decking the halls AND decking villains right and left! He has presents for all of his friends, but you can only unwrap them when he says it's OK, so you'd better be on his "Nice" list! And beware: if Guise is incapacitated, the dreaded Green Grosser will enact his latest plot, ushering in his War on Christmas!


When the dastardly Green Grosser declared War on Christmas, Guise knew he had to become the champion that no one knew they needed. Guise himself was not enough - he had to be more, more powerful. More heroic. More jolly. Taking the mantle of his greatest hero, Joseph King became Santa Guise!

Now, Santa Guise is all that stands in the way of the team of ne're-do-wells who wage war as each holiday. But is his holiday cheer enough to save Christmas Day?!

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