SkullKickers - Rum and Bones KICKSTARTER (GENCON 2016) EXCLUSIVE

60 USD / In stock.

The Skullkickers have just been announced as part of the Rum & Bones board game Kickstarter! They’re an exclusive set of 5 figures (complete with their own character-centric rules) only available as part of the Kickstarter pre-order process.

Rum & Bones is the new pirate-themed board game by Cool Mini Or Not, creators of ‘Zombicide’, one of my absolute favorite board games. I’ve been singing the praises of Zombicide for a couple years now and when I had a chance to meet the Cool Mini crew at Gen Con we talked about the possibility of teaming up in the future. Once they started work on Rum & Bones, we both felt it would be a great way to use the SK cast, especially since we had a pirate story of our own in Volume 3, ‘Six Shooter on the Seven Seas’. 

As you can see, the character archetypes from Skullkickers marry themselves well to the Rum & Bones play style and the miniature sculpts look awesome!

If you’re a board game fan or Skullkickers fan I hope you’ll click through to check out Rum & Bones and tell your friends about it too. I can’t wait to battle it out with our very own skullkicking pirate crew!