Warp 6/Knockabout Combo -- 2 Dice Game Pack - Mayday Games

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2 Dice Games for the price of 1.  Clamshell Edition.  (2006)
Warp 6 and Knockabout

Warp 6 is a mostly abstract race game where players have a fleet of starships (which are represented 4-, 6-, and 8-sided dice) trying to go down a spiral path to the center wormhole. During a turn a player moves one of his or her ships along the the spiral exactly the number on the die. A player can choose to change the number on a die up or down by one instead of moving.

The game revolves around attempting to land on other ships (friendly or otherwise) which allows sliding down at least one loop of spiral until it reaches an unoccupied spot, thus cutting out a lot of transit time. When this happens, the die is rolled before it is placed in its landing spot to receive a new number. Typically, long chains are formed which can be taken advantage of by all players. Knowing when to form, break, take advantage of, and foil the use of these chains is the key to winning.

In the three-player version, the first player to get 4 of their 6 ships out wins. In the two-player version, the first player to get 6 of their 9 ships out wins.

Knockabout is an abstract board game where players are trying to push the other players' pieces off the hexagonal board. The pieces are 4-, 6-, and 8-sided dice which move in a straight line as far as the number on their top face. Whenever a die gets hit by other pieces (friendly or otherwise), the last die to move as a result of the collision gets rerolled. Pieces knocked into the outer ring are eliminated from the game, but still can prevent future pieces from being knocked into the same spot. The first player to knock five out of his opponent's nine pieces into the outer ring wins.

The game is mostly a mixture of attempting to maneuver ones pieces into strong positions, gently bumping them to get high numbers, and sabotaging the opponents' positions so their pieces have more limited movement.